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Bath me Tender story has its origins in “LOVE”

Love for a black Chihuahua dog who has a very sensitive skin. No matter products we tried, his skin and fur will get dry and itchy from allergy to synthetic harsh chemicals in those products.

His skin problem lead to our stress and anxiety, so we talked to our friends who have dogs and cats too, then we found out that this skin problem in pets is more common than we thought. So comes the idea to make organic shampoo for dogs and cats which safe, gentle and suitable for their skins.

For 2 years, we put so much effort to select the best organic ingredients and develop our organic shampoo and organic cleaners formula. No more skin irritation and allergies again.

So this is a foundation of our brand “Bath me Tender”, the determination to provide the best organic products for sensitive skin pets, to protect them, make sure them safe and be a happiest pet in the world.


Deliver the best organic products which safe, gentle and hypoallergenic for you and your pet.