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Our Ingridients

In general, the main ingredients in pet products are synthetic chemicals, such as SLS, SLES, artificial fragrance and color. All of these chemical ingredients are harsh and irritant to pet skins.

Bath me Tender Products use natural ingredients that safe and suitable for pet skins. Our main ingredients are natural cleaning enzymes derived from organic fruits and vegetable. All our enzymes are safe, hypoallergenic and good for cleaning.

About synthetic chemicals

Harsh chemicals are the main cause of skin allergy problems in pets. Widely use chemicals in pet products are SLS and SLES, which are popular surfactant in shampoo and cleaning products because of their low cost, Parabens, Lanolin, PEG and artificial fragrance and color.

Many researches have shown that all of these chemicals affect the body in many ways, such as skin dryness and itch, rash, hair loss and also cause many serious long-term health problems.